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Best Proposed use of Drug Rep pens

via MedPundit comes this best use of drug-rep pens I’ve ever read.

I got to talk today

Yesterday I was honored to be the speaker at a lunch meeting of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine for their Emergency Medicine Interest Club. I talked to them last year, and inexplicably was asked back again this year.

One thing’s for sure: you can get medical students to show up for anything if there’s a free lunch, so it was well attended. I spoke about why I think EM is the best career for a physician, and what med students need to do to prepare for an EM career, and what it’s like actually doing the job. And, plenty of gross pictures.

It was well received, and I enjoyed talking to a nearly-captive audience. I had two surprises after the talk: a student told me he actually reads this blog (!) and I met a young woman on Navy scholarship, who was happy to have met anyone who had been where she’s going.

I enjoyed myself, and hope there’s a class of EM docs in their future.