Best Chief Complaint of the night

"I smoked Marijuana, and now I feel funny".


  1. I’m an ER redisdent and I too have seen a similar complaint – “I smoked some marijuana and now I’m really hungry”

  2. This is a little OT–I work at Meth General, and I’ve been seeing a lot of bilateral groin pain/cremasteric spasm in meth users. The first 2 I got sonos on, but the last 2 I just told to stop using meth. Anyone else seeing this from meth?

  3. Not yet, but thanks for a hint on the next weirdness to show up.

  4. Hey, I thought I worked at Meth General, bet there’s more than one.
    Don’t see the meth users in the ED, so have not seen the groin pain. But have seen a lot of non-ischemic cardiomyopathy in our meth users.
    “I just told them to stop…” As Glenn Reynolds would say, Heh!

  5. One of my favorites, in a guy that came in with a hypertensive emergency.

    Me: Do you used cocaine?

    Him: Not usually, but last night was my birthday, and my friends threw me a party. I remember drinking a lot of beer and waking up on the couch. But my friends use coke, so I guess it’s possible.