Dr. Mattox, day 14

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From a social science standpoint, we are seeing a transformation in attitude
among many of our new citizen guests, only about 4000 of whom remain on site.
They have been totally treated with respect, and they are changing many mental
attitudes. Some who come from three generations of parents who cannot read or
write, are now saying, “You have treated me as a human for the first time in my
life, I wish to be a contributing member of society, can you enroll me in
school?” We then enroll them. Someone who is much smarter than me MUST began to
write up the social science part of this operation, There is an ACUTE change, an
intermediate development, and then we must monitor what is happening long term.
I recognize that there are pessimists and skeptics on this list server, but
believe me, I think this is a fantastic new beginning of a whole new wave of
social change. If we assume a welfare state, it will happen. If we assume that
with the destruction of a city (like the burning of Atlanta during the war
between the states) a new and even better society can be developed, then the
appropriate changes can occur, in health care, economics, government. Who knows,
the Napoleanic code of Louisiana government may be changed.

Go and read the whole thing.  He’s also very skeptical of the research going on now with the evacuees, and that’s worth noting, too.

(hehe.  the spellchecker doesn’t like "thewebsocket", and recommended "thwacked" as a replacement).