Wall Street Journal on Medical Blogs, #2

Alerted by Bard-Parker, the WSJ article on medical bloggers is actually available for free, here: CollegeJournal | Find a Career Path.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:3

at doulicia:

This week’s Grand Rounds is meditation on symbiotic relationship between law and medicine. I mean, without medicine, what would lawyers do? And without lawyers? Well, probably some aspect of medicine would be worse off than it is now.

Probably. Let’s find out.

Medical Blogs get to the Wall Street Journal!

Quick, go get yesterdays’ WSJ and turn to page R5, or if you have online access, here’s the link:
WSJ.com – Net Benefits

Doctors and nurses are joining the blogging revolution, ruminating about medical issues — and providing a rare window into their world.

Those listed: SneezingPo, KevinMD, DB’s MedRants, MedPundit, Dr.Rangel, Shrinkette, Blogborygmi, yrs. trly, Codeblog, Chance to Cut, Bioethics Discussion Blog, Medical Mad House, Cheerful Oncologist.

A couple of notes on the article: SneezingPo is a fine blog, but the article makes it sound like Grand Rounds is there every week, while it’s a rotation thing.

And, for the emailer who took me to task for using a pseudonym while blogging: a) I’m fully identified in the article, and b) 8 of the 13 blogs listed are anonymous. So, I’m in pretty good company.