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More about the CAF Airsho 2005 – a wild ride

Sleepless in Midland had fun at the CAF Airshow: More about the CAF Airsho 2005 – a wild ride:

“…The plane is a WWII antique, and with the modifications it’s classified as ‘experimental.’  Because of that it’s tempting to say the plane has two strikes against it.  A person would have to be crazy to ride in it.  Insane.  Demented.  Stark raving mad.

So there we were at about a thousand feet above the ground, and the city of Midland was a blurry haze…”

Read the rest, it’s quite well written. And now I want to ride in a P-51.

Cell Phones vs Hospital Equipment: Less Interference, Still Annoying

via MedGadget: Cell Phones vs Hospital Equipment: Less Interference, Still Annoying:

“In their most recent analysis of cellular telephones and medical equipment, Mayo Clinic researchers report in the October issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings that the cellular telephones tested did not interfere with medical devices that were more than three feet away, marking an improvement. In the current study, 44 percent of the devices recorded some interference from the cellular telephones but the vast majority of this interference should not have had any significance for the patient.”

My hospital allows cell phones pretty much everywhere, and the ED spent a lot of money to make it cell-phone friendly for our Nextel phones. I’m mostly happy with the availability and instant communication (and to not have to carry around a Motorola brick radio), but a few times I’ve stood, more or less patiently, while the patient gets off the phone. Some people don’t know how to say “I’ll call you later, goodbye’.

The other interesting thing is the number of people to whom I give the results of their tests and discharge instructions while talking to the top of their heads, so they don’t lose focus on the cell phone game they’re playing. Yea, cellphones.