Archives for October 17, 2005

Daniel suit against ABEM finally dismissed

Well, Hallelujah. A suit which had the potential to completely unravel the Board Certification process was dismissed:

What is the status of the lawsuit?

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals on October 7, 2005, upheld the previous judgment of the Western District Court of New York and dismissed all claims against ABEM and other defendants in the Daniel v. ABEM case. The Court ruled further that the case may not be transferred to any other court in as much as the plaintiffs lack standing to bring antitrust claims against ABEM and other defendants, as previously ruled by the District Court, effectively ending this 15-year suit against ABEM.

This is good news for ABEM, but also for all the other Board Certifying Organizations. If you’re interested in the case, follow the above link to the ABEM page, with the facts of the case, a timeline, etc.

This has been going on for 15 years. Good riddance.

Home Improvement, Part the Second

So, yesterday the last posts were replaced which hold up the porch. It’s now quite sturdy and secure, and I hope it’s the last major maintenance it’ll need until replacement.

In response to a couple of the comments: Slope on the porch wasn’t the issue, as much as the outside 4×4’s not contacting the ground unless someone walked to the edge of the porch and ‘bounced up and down’. It was disconcerting, and I figure it’d have caused something expensive to snap eventually.

The pond fish feeder: I haven’t called yet, but I will this afternoon. And, yes, things are a bit bigger here. My pond is probably 30′ x 50′, and has mostly catfish in it. I don’t need a fish feeder, but I’m lazy and get tired of walking out there to feed them.

I know you’re all hanging on the outcome of the fish-feeder-failure, and I’ll keep you posted.