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Buzzword of the day

Via Capsules – Meetingsnet.:

Buzzword of the day: “Buzzword of the day, courtesy of [1]:

mercky: Pharmaceutically dubious. ‘Data from the Vioxx trials are in and the results
appear to be mercky.’

Nominated by Alan Skolnick



Medblogs Grand Rounds 2:4

I am honored to host this week’s Grand Rounds, the weekly roundup of what’s happening in the health and medical blogosphere, going strong for over a year now.

This looks to be the first hosting by a blogger from the other side of the medical ledger (!), patient that I am. Quite right, I believe, in this new era of Citizen Journalism and Participatory Medicine, that the Informed Patient should stand up and be heard!

That said, there’s nothing like being diagnosed with a chronic disease to give you new respect for the medical profession. Thank you, doctors. Thank you, researchers. Thank you, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, educators, physicians assistants, interns and med students! Our lives are in your hands.

What are you waiting for? A link?

Flu bug vanquished in my house

My grandson, all of 5, was over today for dinner. During dinner much conversation about the flu shot, bird flu, etc.

After dinner, while cleaning up the dishes, he noticed a bug on the floor. He exterminated said insect, the proclaimed: “I just killed the flu bug”.

So, we’re safe here. If you can’t squash your flu bug, be safe and get a shot instead.