Archives for October 20, 2005

Writing Letters of Recommendation

I am often asked “Will you write me a latter of recommendation?”, and I’m always pleased to hear this. It tells me that they trust me to judge their performance and character, and a little aspect of the future.

And, then, I procrastinate about actually doing it. I have no idea why, but time will pass while I cogitate about doing it, think about what I want to say, before I finally get around to doing it. This is decidedly odd, as I’m not generally a procrastinator, so there’s something here that’s different.

Every time I write a recommendation I’m reminded of some of the best military quotes from fitness reports, whether true or not, I’ve heard these:

  • completes all tasks to his utter satisfaction
  • able to perform most tasks with only moderate supervision
  • continent of urine and stool for entire shifts

and my favorite, from the Royal Navy:

  • this officer uses my ship to move his genitals from port to port, and my officers to transport them from bar to bar.

Anyway, if I promised you a letter of recommendation, I’ll get right on it. Really.