Archives for October 21, 2005

SoundPractice podcasts: me!

I’ve joined the club, and am now the subject of a podcast!

Kent Bottles, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Medical Practice Management interviews [me] of the medical blog. Several of the topics they discuss are medical blogging and its effect on medicine, why doctors are so slow to adopting new technology, personal experiences with EMR implementations, comparisons between military medicine and private sector medicine, mainstream criticism of medblogging and blogging’s self-correcting nature, expecting medical residents to know what type of medicine they want to practice so early in their career, keeping up with changes in emergency medicine, being a doctor in todays medical environment, the physician “generation-gap”, and tips to new medical bloggers.

I just listened to this, and have re-discovered that I am neither glib nor deep. Nor an accomplished off-the-cuff speaker. Dr. Bottles is a very good interviewer, and I appreciate being included.

If you have 23 minutes to kill and aren’t sleepy, here it is.

Ode to the Astrodome

Required reading for Texans, and anyone else interested in the history of the Astrodome: Ode to the Astrodome:

“It was the Taj Mahal of sports, the 8th Wonder of the world, called the ‘Can-Do Cathedral’ in response to those who said it could never be built. This vast structure was large enough to comfortably house an 18 story building. It was here that Ali danced, Elvis sang, Billy Graham preached, Evel Knievel jumped over cars on his motorcycle, and Elvin Hayes met Lew Alcindor in an epic college basketball contest. It has hosted polo matches, soccer and ice hockey games, bullfights, auto races, rodeos, conventions, boat shows, and even a little tennis match between a woman and a self-described male chauvinist pig. Robert Altman even made a movie here. It was an unmatched engineering marvel, though not necessarily a beautiful structure; Larry McMurtry once called it ‘the working end of the world’s largest deodorant stick.’

An excellent article.