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Survivor: ER!

I wrote a week or so ago that we’re remodeling a big chunk of our ED, and the controlled chaos resulting. The hospital and the docs agreed we should keep caring for the same number of patients (which is code for continuing our policy of never going on ambulance diversion, unless it’s for Trauma, and then we have to be pretty overwhelmed). So, the ‘new’ hall beds are crammed, and things are moving along, carried on the backs of the staff. An appreciated, hard-working staff who inexplicably don’t seem fazed in the least.

Then yesterday the lab decided to implement their new order entry system, so the unit secretaries are having to work harder, relearning ordering tasks while still juggling everything. This reminded me of something, and I decided we’re now on a reality TV show: Survivor: ER!

Some nefarious TV network is slowly turning up the heat to see who will crack first and last. I’ve decided the next big move has to be turning off the HVAC, followed by about 1/2 or more of the lights going out. I’m sure there’s more, but I have never watched Survivor, so my analogy flops there.

At any rate, the fun continues.

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