Duct Tape Band-Aids

Okay, this is something I think they’re going to have trouble keeping in stock: band-aids made to look like duct-tape. Via OhGizmo, we learn

The plasters are designed to look like duct tape, presumably so that the wearer doesn’t feel embarrassed about wearing them. They also come in longer lengths for larger fingers, while the packaging is designed to fit easily in a toolbox.

And, they look cool too

BandAids for Real Men

Yeah, I’ll need some. They’re not in stores yet, but I’d check Lowes or Home Depot first.


  1. AuntSusie says:

    I had a not-so-bright carpenter that left the box of overflowing broken window panes just beside where he was working. Yes, he backed into said glass. He was working alone that day, and grabbed his duct tape to hold the wound together until he reached an ED. They had lots of fun removing said tape from his hairy legs – yes, wearing shorts in Texas heat.

  2. I’ll have to keep a lookout for these. They look like the perfect thing for my Cub Scout first aid kit.