Home Improvement

Living in Fort Worth, I’ve been introduced to the idea that the ground under your house moves, seemingly all the time. This would be okay if it could just all agree which way to go, but one area goes up, another down, etc. This is how I learned about house leveling.

The good news: that area of the house is now very stable, and under a lifetime warranty, which is nice. However, when the house was raised the second story porch became amusingly springy, as in, it bounced when walked on. Tread lightly, indeed.

Today was spent removing the old supports, re-leveling the porch, and placing new beams. It’s about 80% done, but the hard supports are left to do, they’re for tomorrow.

Oh, and I installed an automatic fish feeder for my pond, but it won’t throw the food more than about 5 feet, so I get to call their customer service Monday.

Still, a good day for me, not in the hospital. Yea!


  1. What part of Ft. Worth do you live in?

  2. Uuh, no. Won’t be giving that out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I din’t know that was such a touchy subject. I lived in Ryan Place and it seemed like we had a new crack in the walls every week. OTOH now we live in far SW Ft. Worth where it would take an atomic blast to move the rock below my foundation. I doubt anything in my current house has moved a nanometer in the three years that we’ve lived here. :)

  4. I know things are supposed to be bigger in Texas, but geez,
    how big is that fish pond if 5’is not a large enough throw for the automatic feeder?
    Makes me wonder if the reason you need the automatic feeder is that the fish are large enough to bite the hand that tries to feed ’em :)

  5. Hope you know that a porch is SUPPOSED to have a SLOPE – so the water will drain AWAY from the house.