Home Improvement, Part the Second

So, yesterday the last posts were replaced which hold up the porch. It’s now quite sturdy and secure, and I hope it’s the last major maintenance it’ll need until replacement.

In response to a couple of the comments: Slope on the porch wasn’t the issue, as much as the outside 4×4’s not contacting the ground unless someone walked to the edge of the porch and ‘bounced up and down’. It was disconcerting, and I figure it’d have caused something expensive to snap eventually.

The pond fish feeder: I haven’t called yet, but I will this afternoon. And, yes, things are a bit bigger here. My pond is probably 30′ x 50′, and has mostly catfish in it. I don’t need a fish feeder, but I’m lazy and get tired of walking out there to feed them.

I know you’re all hanging on the outcome of the fish-feeder-failure, and I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Mmmmm catfish. Good thing you don’t give specifics on your home location. This Gretna native loves catfish po’boys.