More about the CAF Airsho 2005 – a wild ride

Sleepless in Midland had fun at the CAF Airshow: More about the CAF Airsho 2005 – a wild ride:

“…The plane is a WWII antique, and with the modifications it’s classified as ‘experimental.’  Because of that it’s tempting to say the plane has two strikes against it.  A person would have to be crazy to ride in it.  Insane.  Demented.  Stark raving mad.

So there we were at about a thousand feet above the ground, and the city of Midland was a blurry haze…”

Read the rest, it’s quite well written. And now I want to ride in a P-51.


  1. Thanks for the link and the kind words. The ride itself is not that much different from any ride in a small plane. But the plane certainly is unique.

    If the CAF doesn’t come to Ft. Worth then come on out to West Texas the next time they put on an air show.