New QFever Issue!

The funniest medical site, hands down, has returned: Q Fever!

I was going to link to some of my favorites, but they’re all very very well done. I thought qFever was dead and took them out of my blogroll, but they’re back now!


  1. It is Monday, lunchtime at the VA Spa and I needed some humor after a difficult morning and thought I’d check out the site. Alas, the VA sensors say Qfever has:

    “Humor;Nudity;Sexual Materials;Gruesome Content”

    So will have to check it out from home. Is it NSFW?

  2. Well, it’s guilty of the humor. Gruesome content is in the eye of the beholder, as a lot of what we do for a living would be considered gruesome to the uninitiated.

    I think it’s entirely work safe.