UAB Nurses Rap!

I’m a big fan of ER Nurses, but not of rap music. Why do I mention those two interesting things in one sentence?

Because the University of Alabama (Birmingham) ED nurses have the best Emergency Nurse rap video I’ve seen! For the record, I’ve seen exactly one, but it’s terrific!

UAB ER Nurses Rap!

Update: The Performers are listed as “Craig Barton and Company”. Wow, terrific work!

Disclaimers: It’s a Windows Media file (.wmv), it’s 3MB big, and I didn’t create it. Also, I have no idea who made it (“the Internet is you Daddy”), so if it’s yours, let me know.

Hat tip to Nurse Kelley for the video!


  1. are they real nurses? man, that rapping guy rocks!

  2. Hahahaha, thanks for posting that. I’m about 5 minutes from the UAB ER. Looks like I’m missing lots of fun.

  3. Yes, they’re for real. I went to medical school at UAB. That guy was hilarious. His name escapes me. He would usually do a song when he showed up for his shift.

  4. This is cool! Thanks for this post. I now have a great idea to tell my friends.

  5. Funny!
    We all took time out at work to watch this for a good laugh.

  6. Anonymous says:


    That’s quite first rate. I’m impressed!

  7. Linked to my humble blog…
    Personally, I hate rap…maybe next time we can get an opera version…

  8. I’m so jealous I couldn’t rap with them…as a (semi-elderly 44 year old) Student Nurse they make it look like so much fun. :)


  9. Just so great!

  10. That is so cool. I am an ICU nurse and think that my unit should do something like that!!! What a cool link. Thanks!!!!

  11. I work in an intensive care unit in Pensacola. Loved, the video!!!! Was a great way to get a good laugh at the end of a long hard shift. Thanks!!!!

  12. Hey we had the entire unit wathcing this clip here in Pensacola. What a riot!

  13. I’ve tried to download this video several times, but it never has sound. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

  14. E. John Benson says:

    A co-worker of mine in the PACU got this and forwarded it to me. I laughed my rear off. Great stuff! ;)

    -John (Tacoma, WA)


  1. symtym says:

    Nurse Rap

    Too good/funny, see "UAB Nurses Rap!", at GruntDoc.