Writing Letters of Recommendation

I am often asked “Will you write me a latter of recommendation?”, and I’m always pleased to hear this. It tells me that they trust me to judge their performance and character, and a little aspect of the future.

And, then, I procrastinate about actually doing it. I have no idea why, but time will pass while I cogitate about doing it, think about what I want to say, before I finally get around to doing it. This is decidedly odd, as I’m not generally a procrastinator, so there’s something here that’s different.

Every time I write a recommendation I’m reminded of some of the best military quotes from fitness reports, whether true or not, I’ve heard these:

  • completes all tasks to his utter satisfaction
  • able to perform most tasks with only moderate supervision
  • continent of urine and stool for entire shifts

and my favorite, from the Royal Navy:

  • this officer uses my ship to move his genitals from port to port, and my officers to transport them from bar to bar.

Anyway, if I promised you a letter of recommendation, I’ll get right on it. Really.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t ask for a letter…but I sure hope I wouldn’t get option C…or A or B. Good luck writing those letters, they are not an easy task.

  2. Noticed the Freudian slip in the first line…a “latter of recommendation”… Whether intended or not, pun appreciated.

  3. I’m not that punny, but am that poor a typist and spellchecker. I’ll leave it, as it’s funnier that way.

  4. Thank you Sir, Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Ah yes, it is always good to have option 3!!! How is life down in good ol’ Texas??? Kat

  6. “continent of urine and stool for entire shifts”

    This is considered a virtue in the military? Maybe greatness in it will exempt me from other physical fitness requirements


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