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With phishers like this, what do they catch?

I’ve written before about the very common phenomenon of phishing, and today I got a beauty of the species:

…Please verify your information simply by signing your account go to
If the account is not Sign out within 5 days then, your access to bid or buy on eBay will be restricted also ignoring this message can will cause the Suspension of your account.

Wow, who in their right mind would pass that one up? Dorks.

Stupid ebay phishers

Harmony in the ED

via Blogborygmi:

From the November 2005 issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine, by Goyal, Hollander and Gaieski at Penn:

The Figure displays an underrecognized clinical phenomenon for which we are proposing the term ‘synypnea.’ Synypnea is seen across the country and is defined as when emergency department waiting room patients have the same respiratory rate. We think it is pathophysiologically linked to menstrual synchrony. There is little scientific exploration on this topic, however, which represents fertile grounds for original research.

He’s pointing out one of the well-known oddities of medicine, that everyones’ respiratory rate is the same. This phenomenon is a precursor to the current trend that everyone has “10/10 pain”. A good chuckle for Saturday.