Archives for November 12, 2005

Medical Licensure and Residency in State

Perusing the latest California Medical Board report (warning:pdf file), I was struck by the number of CA licensed docs who don’t live in the state:

So, 92,852 out of 120,027 CA licensed docs live in the state (77%). I knew I wasn’t the only doc with a license there who lives elsewhere, but had no idea there were twentyseven thousand of us.

To see if this was a CA thing or not, I compared the Texas numbers:

And found that 77% of the docs live in-state. The exact same percentage of licensed docs in the two states actually live in their respective states. That’s really odd.

November is National Alzheimers’ Month

I’d forgotten, but was reminded by Dr. Serani: November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month.

For more information: Alzheimer’s Association | Home