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Point of Law discussion on Med-Mal Health Policy

Condition Critical? is this months’ Featured discussion over at

I just spent about 30 minutes reading, and cannot find any one passage to abstract, it’s that good. It will probably not make either the doctor or atla side completely happy, but it’s a very enlightening discussion.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:8

Mr. Hassle’s Long Underpants

Doc Shazam is honored to host this week’s roundup of the best in medical blogging. I usually don’t read every entry linked in grand rounds, but hosting this week has helped me expand my understanding of what blogging is about. Some of us are politicians, some are patient advocates, some are great storytellers, and others just like to make people laugh. I’ve grouped this week’s entries into a few broad categories, so either read them all, or just straight to your pleasure. Here we go!

There you are!

Concerto of Chaos

Our ED is being remodeled, but the patient volume stays the same. Sometimes it’s, well, hectic.

One of the scribes diagnosed the situation as “A Concerto of Chaos”.

I like that description of an ED very much.