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Madhouse Madman Loves EM, Shows it with Post

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House: Possibly the Most Hysterical Thing I’ve Ever Read In a Medical Journal

As any emergency physician knows, it is normal to ride through the hallways of the hospital doing CPR atop the chest of a dying patient while shouting out orders to nurses at the top of their lungsā€”at least on television. And, while miracles occur in emergency departments (EDs) every day (such as a specialist coming in to see a patient), they are not always sufficiently dramatic for prime time. Like it or not, the American public learns more about emergency medicine from the television than from their personal experiences. ER has just finished 10 seasons; Trauma: Life in the ER has finished 7. Since it’s only a matter of time before these shows fade from the airways, a replacement will soon be necessary. In this era of reality television, something that will grab the public attention and let them feel the true grit of today’s ED is needed.

The following are reality television proposals for the next generation of emergency medicine viewers:

EM is ‘real’ medicine, and this is ‘really’ funny. Go have a read!

shrinkette: Heinous, deplorable, contemptible NYT article

I think Shrinkette is a mite peeved:

shrinkette: Heinous, deplorable, contemptible NYT article:
Strong words from Shrinkette, no? Here…partake of this (go ahead, register). Count the ways in which this article is unambiguously wrong and bad. Not just a little bad…I mean, a breathtaking level of badness. Bad, as in dangerous. “

Goodness. I hope she never gets peeved at me. Oh, and she’s 100% right.

Med Blog Voices: I’ve been listening to Sound Prac…

MedPundit wonders:

I’ve been listening to Sound Practice’s medical blogger interviews this evening while completing my paperwork. It’s nice to have the chance to associate a voice with the bloggers, but why don’t Grunt Doc and RangelMD have Texas accents?

While I cannot speak for Dr. Rangel, I do have quite the West Texas accent, but only bring it out when I’m really tired or under the influence of an adult beverage or two. I’m a real Texan, even if I don’t sound the part.