Archives for November 18, 2005

EM News Features Medical Bloggers; Yrs. Trly. Focus of Article

A couple of months ago I gave an interview about medical blogs for one of the monthly Emergency Medicine magazines. It was a nice interview, and I really figured I’d get a couple of quotes in a bigger article about EM and blogs.

I was wrong. Richard Winters (longtime friend) and I split an entire page, complete with mug shots and unfortunately-accurate quotes of the things we actually said. It’s terrific blogs in general, and EM blogs in particular, are getting more exposure, and it’s too bad EMNews doesn’t have an online version. (They do have a website,, but it’s last-generation stuff, and no real online content. Pity.)

Other EM blogs mentioned:
Symtym (preceeding Rick and I as Fresno EM grads)
Mr. Hassel’s Long Underpants
The Lingual Nerve (which is really a group blog with several doc types, but was started and is run by a Singaporean EM physician).

So, here’s a .gif of the article, which is reasonably sized and readable.