BBC NEWS | Health | Decaf coffee linked to heart risk

via BBC NEWS | Health:

Drinking decaffeinated coffee could increase the risk of heart disease, a study has suggested.
It could lead to a rise in harmful cholesterol levels, the US National Institutes of Health study found.

Stick to the leaded stuff.

Unless you’re pregnant:

The finding comes as a Danish team reiterated that drinking eight or more cups of coffee a day while pregnant may double the risk of losing the baby.

They advised pregnant women to drink no more than three cups of coffee a day, in line with existing UK advice.

As I’ll never be pregnant, I’ll have another cuppa’.


  1. Who drinks eight cups of coffee a day?!

    Other than Gruntdoc, of course…

  2. I do!
    Thank God, now I have a medically related excuse to tell my friends when they bug me to switch to decaf!
    I wouldn’t have made it this far in Rn school without my pot a day.