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Doc Around The Clock

Well I did it. After hours upon hours of tinkering, editing, changing, re-changing and re-changing my changes, I have settled on a design for my new blog site. I had a blast setting it up, despite a few scary moments. The most distressing moment came when I thought I lost my entire old Doc Around The Clock. After a few distressing hours, many tears, an episode of tachycardia, diaphoresis and crushing substernal chest pain I had reclaimed my blog. I am not sure how, but it was a miracle on par of Moses parting the Red Sea, seeing the Virgin Mary on burnt toast, and getting an XboX at its release last night. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Tinkering with the blog and the software is half the fun of blogging, so I completely identify with his desire to change. Add him to you blogrolls, if you haven’t already.

And his RSS feed is:


  1. Jim in Texas says:

    I like to believe I’m fairly tech savy, I had a Sinclair computer in the early 80’s and learn to program by myself. But I can’t seem to find an explaination of what RSS means.

    Any chance you could dumb down a definition for me?

  2. Jim,
    here’s a really good summary, from the Wikipedia dictionary:

    There’s a lot of good, free RSS readers (if you use Firefox or Opera, there’s one in your browser now (or, with Firefox, you can download a free extension)).

    I find the RSS reader allows me to ‘watch’ a lot more blogs than I’d go and individually visit every day.