MSSP Nexus Blog Proposes: The Bloscars

As a refinement to the Medgadget MedBlog Awards, Rita at MSSP has an idea:

MSSPNexus Blog: Academy of Blogging Arts and Sciences

The Bloscars

Since MedGadget started this, the onus is on them to create, manage, and of course fund the Academy of Blogging Arts and Sciences.

Nominations shall be restricted to select members of the Academy. I’m not sure how they’ll be selected, that would be Medgadget’s problem to figure out. (That’ll teach you for coming up with a good concept!) Once the field has been narrowed to no more than five nominees in each category, all members of the Academy of Blogging Arts and Sciences shall be permitted to vote for one Bloscar winner in each category.

I think it’ll get somebody a nice cease-and-desist letter from the Oscar folks, but as there’s only about 30 of us, what are the chances of that?


  1. Ah, to the contrary, I’m sure the Oscar folks will want to stay on our good side. After all, they’ll need our expert advice (all 30 of us no doubt) when they produce their first movie about medical bloggers…


  2. Rita, great idea. But what makes you think Hollywood would want input from someone who actually knows what reality is?