The Mother of all Subungual Hematomas

Patient fell and didn’t wake up for about a day, presents with several injuries. This, however, was the most visually impressive:


Information about subungual hematomas and their management.


  1. Pretty impressive, but look at the one on my fourth toein the second picture here

    I ran (well, walked) 30 miles with it.

    Dr. Andy

  2. Yeah, that’s a good one, too.

  3. Dr Andy,

    I don’t think you needed to indicate which toe…:)

    Your feet look as though they’ve had a hard life !

  4. Ouch, Last year I had one of those on my thumb after slamming it in my car door.
    I was surprised at my doctor’s treatment for it. She took an 18g needle and twisted it gently through the nail to desanguinate it.
    When I got home I noticed a pocket still there so I got out my nursing school supplies and did it again in another spot. Worked like a charm, but my nail fell off.
    Awesome blog Doc!