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Dr. Charles tells some Professional Secrets

The ever-amusing Dr. Charles has given us a gift, a primer on assuming the mannerisms of a doctor: The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: How to Stand In for the Doctor

It was 3:00 PM on the Friday after Thanksgiving and I couldn’t see another patient. I had to go to the bathroom. The cold sweat on my forehead made me look like I was suffering from angina, or perhaps concealing a venomous snake under my white coat as it bit me repeatedly. In truth, there were four helpings of turkey, mashed potatoes, beets, stuffing, and a tubular can of “cranberry sauce” somewhere deep within me. They clamored for cool water.

Aside from that amazingly gentle euphemism, this is an excellent start on how to (not) be a doctor.

Added to the BlogRoll: NHS Blog Doctor

Dr. Crippen made a comment, and that’s how I found his very nicely written blog form the UK: NHS Blog Doctor.

Here’s his “About Me”

Dr Crippen
London, United Kingdom

Dr Crippen is angry. Once a lawyer, but now a doctor, he has worked for over 20 years in the NHS. He watches and weeps as the Health Service, slowly but inexorably, is destroyed. He takes a sad, sometimes humerous, sometimes cynical, look at the health care from the inside

Apparently he’s only started blogging this month, and I’m breaking my rule about not announcing new blogs without a bit of a track record, but if you read a few of his entries you’ll be glad I did.

I sincerely hope he keeps it up.