12 STI’s Of Christmas

I have seen several searches of this blog for the British National Health Services’ “12 STI’s of Christmas“, and wondered why. The answer: the NHS site no longer carries the wonderful show, for reasons unknown to me. As for the searches, I guess the Christmas season has people thinking about sexually transmitted infections (diseases on this side of the Pond) set to Christmas tunes.

I had a hard time finding it, but here it is, for your seasonal enjoyment (not work safe!):


(Many many thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine for making a copy when I wasn’t smart enough to do so).


  1. I’d forgotten how freaking funny this was! Thanks mucho…

  2. Hil-Air-Ee-Us!

  3. Out-flip’n-standing!!!!! I laughed. I cried…. It moved me.
    I will have to play this for the pre-deployment STD lecture next week!


  1. 12 STI’s of Christmas

    (December 2005: ed. note: according to Grunt Doc, the British National Health Service doesn’t host the work any more, but he has found a source for it, and hosted it at his site. Thanks for the public service, Doc!) NOT