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New HIPAA Guidelines

Azygous has a tough job. Glad I don’t have to transport medical records…

New HIPAA Guidelines:

These new HIPPA guidelines for carrying patient records in your car are a real bitch.

(Via Azygous.)

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:12

Grand Rounds. In the Pipeline:

Welcome to the latest iteration of Grand Rounds. On behalf of the greedy rapacious pharmaceutical industry, I’m glad to be hosting this week. Unfortunately for everyone, the research end of the G.R.P.I. is not immersed in the ceaseless flow of promotional swag that the medical community has come to know us for.

So for you practitioners dropping by today, enjoy a rare chance to interact with the drug industry with no free samples, pens, calendars, or trips to Martinique. Never been there, myself. . . (gazing at ice-covered yard). . . OK! Where were we?

Another compilation of the best in the Medical Blogs!

ER Doctors will Not be Fired

Nassau ER Doctors will Not be Fired

The emergency room doctors at the Nassau University Medical Center will not be fired.

The head of the medical center backed away Monday from a plan to replace most of the emergency room doctors.

Last month the hospital said the doctors needed to be certified in emergency medicine. Even though most of the 20 doctors have years of experience in the emergency room they don’t have the emergency certification.

Generally good news, certainly good if you’re one of the Nassau ED docs.

Background here.