Archives for December 16, 2005

U.S. nurses regularly face sexual harassment

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U.S. nurses regularly face sexual harassment says the headline, and that’s probably true – somewhere in America, a few of us are going to get the offer for a kiss, a pinch on the bottom, or an offer for more intimate relations post discharge.

You need to go and read Alwyn’s experience with sexual harassment from a patient, it’s shocking!

And, this reminds me of one of those completely inexplicable things that happen in the ED, the patient who actively antagonizes their nurse.

It happens less often with docs, but it’s bizarre when I hear a patient start using four-letter words to the nurse who’s trying to be a pro and take care of them. I swear to you we need a ‘non-abuse’ exclusion from EMTALA so we can assist these people with the discharge from the ED they richly deserve.