American Red Cross

I’ve decided to take the American Red Cross off the top of the left sidebar today, but still fully endorse them.

(Why are you taking it off then?)

Sidebars aren’t static and neither am I. Time waits for no one, and giving the ARC money for disaster relief is a wonderful thing.

Give for Disaster Relief

American Red Cross: Together, we can save a life

So: Give, give generously, and enjoy your good fortune. Hope that some day, you’re not the one counting on the good fortune of others, and their willingness to part with theirs.


  1. I like the new GruntDoc banner. Are you going to keep changing it for other occasions a la Google?
    Or perhaps for esoteric events, e.g. Aerospace Genius’s birthday :)?

  2. I hadn’t thought about AG’s birthday banner. Fortunately I have a year to come up with one.

    I don’t know about seasonal changes, but this seemed like a fun thing to do (and it was).

  3. The question I and Bill O’Reilly want to know, though, is whether that’s a Christmas banner or a Holiday banner?

  4. both!

  5. Good save.