“Best” Bad Santa Photo

Several years ago, our younger family made a Ritual Trek to a Mall to ‘See Santa’! The older kids were too old for the experience, and were there mainly because they had to go, and they wanted to see the littlest with the Big Guy.

Youngest daughter was then more than a little skittish and risk-averse, so why we thought this would go well is, in retrospect, completely beyond me.

Here’s how it went:

Sanat wants to cry, too

In discussing this with friends and family over the years, kid meltdowns with Santa seem to very frequent. If you’d like to share your Bad Santa Picture, send me a link (or send me the pic and the story).

Be nice to the Santa surrogates, they earn their pay.

Update! Thanks to reader Celsey, here’s a gallery of 42 Bad Santa photos from SouthFlorida.com


  1. I’ve got your bad santa picture right here. http://jodaya.blogspot.com/2005/12/bad-santa.html
    Mine from when I was 2 yrs old looks strikingly like your daughter’s. lol

  2. In a few days, I will have this year’s Christmas photos up.

    Believe me, you have meltdowns when you take dogs to get photos with Santa too. One year we had to crop out the hand that was helping to hold the dog.