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Welcome to Grand Rounds on THCB, the weekly round-up of all that is good and great in medical and health care blogging. This is a special edition as it’s the last of 2005 and so I’ve asked my fellow bloggers for their best posts of 2005. For some of them, like any great soccer player whose best goal is their last, their best post is their most recent. But for many we’ve gone back into the archives. There’s some great stuff, and some great series of posts too. So let me act like the consultant I am and put it into sections, and act like the blogger that I also am, and give you some not so unbiased commentary. Oh, and it’s pretty long with some nearly 60 posts mentioned. But you weren’t doing anything else this week, were you? So settle in and enjoy.

A very nice year-end ‘best-of’ for the medical blogosphere. Excellent reading.

Thanks for coming here, by the way. I have no idea why you do, but I appreciate it.