Archives for January 26, 2006

How to prepare a lecture

I’ve been preparing for the first of three lectures I’m scheduled to give this year. I like lecturing, as I always learn something, and I’m a bit of a ham.

So, I’ve spent the last several days preparing for a talk.

Here are the steps:
Decide what you’re going to speak about. (Done).
Get literature, review, and make an initial outline. (Done).
Find out how long you have to speak. (Hmmm).
Make a lecture. Lots of PowerPoint slides. (Done).

Step Three is where I went off the rails. I thought I was speaking for an hour, and I discovered, tonight, that I have only 30 minutes. I’ve got 89 slides, and they’re not all one-liners.

So, now I need to pare it down a bit. By half.

Lesson learned. Anybody need some ‘surplus’ Powerpoint slides?

Update: The talk went well, though I went about 5 minutes over. Still too many slides.