Gentlemen of Dating Years: A word of Advice

   If you come in with your girlfriend who “might be” pregnant who’s also having some abdominal pain, good.

   If your main concern is the age of the baby, “…cause I want to know if I’m the daddy”, you have a LOT more problems than a pregnant girlfriend, so not good.

   When the sono shows a fetal age which is outside your range of, well, courtship, do not then start yelling at your girlfriend. Bad. Really bad.

I’m glad I was able to share that with you.


  1. funny stuff! goodness, the things you must see!

  2. And when your 16 year old “baby’s mother” just delivered a 24 weeker in the ER, don’t dump her ass in the trauma room before she even expels the placenta. Be supportive and wait at least till the baby is off the vent, or doesn’t make it. (true story)

  3. I had almost the same exact situation just a few months back. Except the gf didn’t even have the audacity to have abdominal pain. The couple just came in demanding a sonogram to determine paternity.

  4. Note to self…

  5. Then there was the fairskinned redheaded couple with the “tanned” baby. Kinda looked like “dad’s” best friend to me, but I just kept my mouth shut.