The MUSC Tiger: Gyno-Humor

The MUSC Tiger has the visual joke of the day.

If you don’t get it, ask a woman to explain it.


From a classmate:


  1. Love it. But it’s not just men, beleive me.

    Shortly after our twins had been born, and we had just returned from hospital, grandma who was helping out, gave me a message when I got home, saying

    “One of your patient’s phoned whilst you were out. It sounded urgent.”

    She gave me the number. I asked her what the name of the patient was.

    “Oh, it was a Mrs Rubin, I think!”

    “Mrs Rubin? I don’t recall a patient with that name.”

    “No” said grandma, “I think it was about her son. Billy.”

    Billy. Billy Rubin.

    Oh God, it was a message from the hospital paediatricians about the twin’s bilirubin.

    Straight back in with both of them.

    (They were fine in the end, happily)!