Archives for February 6, 2006

Medical Progress

One of the ‘improvements’ in medicine the last few years has been the shift away from xrays on film and to digital radiography. It has a lot of things going for it, mostly relating to cost. Don’t let anyone kid you, it’s all about the money.

This has led to the execrable state of todays’ affairs, when patients are transferred with CD’s instead of films, which aren’t made to be particularly useful. For instance, here’s the disclaimer that pops up when my latest transfer arrived: (click for larger)

AGFA viewer

Now, that’s handy: “NOTICE: This CD viewer has been provided to you for reference purposes only and this viewer application should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

What? This is the embedded viewer to view the CT images that accompanied the patient, you can’t see the images without the embedded viewer, and it’s “not for diagnostic purposes”? In the good old days (two years ago) patients came with real films, and they were useful for, and used for, diagnostic purposes.

Another victory for the cost cutters and the scourge of lawyers. Thanks for the help.