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symtym: Patronizing Dribble

It would seem symtym had the same thought about a recent ACEP News article. I blew it off as more ACEP cluelessness, but symtym has some pointed things to say:

Patronizing Dribble:

In Emergency Medicine, we’re pretty use to being patronized by the other specialties—but I don’t expect it from within the specialty or from the putative leading organization representing emergency physicians. Patronizing dribble? Fluff piece?

Symptoms May Mask Meth Cases in ED | ACEP News | February 2006

Emergency physicians have a lot of catching up to do on their knowledge of the symptoms of methamphetamine addiction, according to Dr. Mark B. Mycyk.

Right, on the most prevalent intoxicant (excluding alcohol of course) in most urban ERs. Where have you been for the past 10 years? Of course, I may be jaded working in Northern California— the meth capitol.

‘Maybe it’s because they don’t know what to do about it, or maybe it’s because they are so focused on traditional drugs of abuse, like cocaine, marijuana, and PCP.

Right, you certainly are showing your regional prejudice—cocaine and PCP have been displaced for several years by methamphetamine use.

Read the rest, and don’t tick off symtym.