Blog Inattentiveness

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated…

I’ve had a lot on my little plate recently, which is why the dearth of postings.  In the last week I’ve had to prepare a lecture for a neuroscience meeting (1 hour, powerpoints, diverse group so something for everyone) and started a second, ‘moonlighting’ job.  The combination means the blog has suffered, sorry.

 Life smooths out for a bit starting tonight, so the old, irritable self will be back soon.


  1. No excuses. Its almost as if you think your professional obligations to heal people are more important than your blogging. Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if that is what you want us to think about you? You need to gain fifty pounds, never go out in the sunshine, and spend all day bathed in the friendly glow of a monitor like the rest of us. Its what all the cool kids are doing; you want to be cool, don’t you Gruntdoc?

  2. Thank you, I was starting to wonder about you. Galen shut down this week, we can’t lose you too.

  3. Well, it’s good to know that you’re back! America appreciates you.

  4. I was wondering as well . . .I’ve missed your posts. I’m glad to hear you have your priorities in order. Take care–hope to see you blogging regularly again soon! ~ DP