DirecTV math

We got the following statement the other day, and I’m having a little trouble getting it to add up.

doesn't add up

Maybe I’m just a little slow.


  1. LOL, yep, looks about right!

  2. Why it’s the NEW MATH!

  3. Don’t keep us in suspense! Please let us know the response from sender. (I’ve recently been involved in a bank account move, and am having interesting experiences with this.)

  4. Too funny… But I think they are trying to say that they have to charge you tax on the equipment (or the “activation”, I forget) up front even if you are not paying upfront for the equipment (its part of the monthly bill – as a cell phone company does). Maybe they have the same billing software that MEDICARE uses? :-)
    But Seriously, if this is from directv – you should goto the company site and check your account info, too.

  5. Simple. The remaining 14.95 is the cost of billing you for zero dollars!

  6. LOL! That reminds me of my last cable bill . . .I have cable TV, high speed internet, and VOIP phone service on one bill. My first bill was for a little over three million dollars! I cracked up laughing, and so did the customer service rep when I called their billing dept.