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Aggrivated DocSurg: A(nathe)MA

Just in case you thought I was the only doc who occasionally has an on-point rant, here’s a beauty: A(nathe)MA: ”

The AMA does not speak for me. In fact, it does not speak for the majority of physicians in this country, with only about 28% of actively practicing US doctors counted in their membership rolls. It is an organization that has repeatedly shown that it is far out of touch with the average physician and patient. It was midwife and mother to the current RBRVS system that has distorted our reimbursement system into something only the IRS could love.

With the kind of ‘success’ that the RBRVS system has achieved, only arrogance can explain the AMA’s most recent decision to develop yet another Rube Goldberg apparatus with the government. This week it was announced that the AMA has contracted with the government to develop ‘Measures of Quality of Medical Care’.

Have a quick read, and appreciate why the AMA continues to lose physician membership, and why I think we’re going to have to rely on our professional societies over the AMA.

Oh, and it’s a beautiful rant.

What if Microsoft packaged the iPod?

I still don’t have an iPod (my life doesn’t really need a soundtrack) but I appreciate Apples’ minimalist styling and advertising.

Someone with a lot of time on their hands and a really observant style made a video of how the iPod would be marketed by Microsoft.

Don’t forget to turn up the sound, the accompaniment is great.

Update: now here (Thanks, Geena!)