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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:24

Emergiblog: Welcome To Grand Rounds (Redux)

I’ve chosen our Dixie Cup nurse as the Grand Rounds mascot this week because this is exactly how I read Grand Rounds every Tuesday. With a cup of coffee (or three!) in my hand.

I do not, however, drink from a dixie cup.

Who’d drink coffee from a dixie cup? The Grand Rounds aroma is fine.

Another description of Emergency medicine

via Bloodletting

The best description of Emergency medicine ever…

Emergency Medicine.

Lifeguards working the shallow end of the gene pool.


Update: The SciGuy at the Houston Chronicles’ blog picked up Doc Russia’s quote above, and had this to say at the end:

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Do all emergency docs feel as frustrated? GruntDoc seems to approve.

Frankly, I found it more amusing than harsh, but I’ll entertain the thought for a moment.

One the one hand, poorly-thought-out behavior of virtually any sort is a risk factor to meet professionally in the ED, so I suppose shallow gene pools could well be overrepresented in my patient population. I do think the none-too-bright are overrepresented in my ED, but that’s likely just observational bias. (Don’t write letters: accidents and illnesses happen to everyone, so it’s hardly universal that being in the ED = consanguineous parents.)

Harsh? I don’t read it as harsh, just as ironically humorous commentary on what we do and for whom we do it. Frustrated? Everyone in the ED is frustrated to some extent. Read this blog and the comments for a few examples.

I don’t have one of these t-shirts and don’t want one, but as a throw-away line, it’s pretty funny.

Hat tip to reader Gunjan for the link