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Recent Thoughts on Medical Education

Neils at Haversial Canal has some good advice for those just being accepted for Med School: Recent Thoughts on Medical Education

I recently got an e-mail from a friend who was just accepted to medical school. Congratulations to him! In his e-mail he asked if I had any recommendations on what he could do before starting. Here’s my answer, refined:

Yeah! Start producing study aids now that will help review the week, or weekend before the test. Don’t, don’t, don’t take notes on a laptop. Use 8.5×11 or notecards. Preread means skim, and then, from the time you’re in lecture on, all ‘studying’ should be focused on creating a product you will use to review for the week before the tests, like a big stack of notecards, diagrams, that sort of thing. Handwrite and draw it all. The tactile and visual feedback is rich input to your brain.

There’s a lot more there, and to my memory it’s all good.

Dr. Crippen has a plan to Stop Smoking

One of the best blogs extant is Dr. Crippen’s NHS Doctor blog (and it’s a must-read for all the single-payor socialized medicine types out there).

I have a couple of family members who smoke, and I don’t understand. Really, I don’t get it, at all. I know that means I’m a lifelong non-smoker but it continuously baffles me why anyone would want to smoke. In the ED I do no smoking cessation, other than telling smokers “time to quit”. No lectures, no guilt trips, but an acknowledgement that we both know it’s not good for you.

Dr. Crippen has been, apparently, a smoker, and he’s got A Plan:

It is no good the doctor, and sadly some still do, just writing out a prescription for patches and having the patient out of the door in ten seconds. It needs a little more than that. In our practice we have discussed with smokers and ex-smokers the best approach to stopping smoking and have devised a plan.

We do not claim a monopoly of wisdom, nor do we say that our way is the only way, but nonetheless it is a plan with which we have had considerable success. So here goes.

The Crippen Stop Smoking in 28 days Plan.

I’ve read this, and think there’s something there. It seems both simple and reasonable, and there’s an explanation of the social cues that set off smoking in the first place.

Recommended reading, and recommending.