Archives for March 20, 2006

Another Home Flood!

Another home flood, I kid you not.

We’ve gotten a bit over 5 inches of rain the last three days (It’s bright and sunny out now), and that was after a prolonged drought.

The last few years, a gentle spring rain was my cue to clean out the rain gutters, but there were no gentle rains this year. Then came the gully-washer. I heard the gutter overflowing in front of the dining room and resolved to get it cleaned out when the rain stopped.

Day 2 of the Rains: wife comes and says, very calmly, "there’s water in the basement". It took us a while to find the source, trickling down the wall behind the fiberglass shower enclosure.  This was coming from the area where the gutter was overflowing upstairs.

And, again, having a wet-vac saves.  My wife has some tips for the wet-vac novice:

Tips for using a wet vac

Always empty a wet vac before using. If it happens to have fireplace soot in it, use a large trash bag that you have taken outside first. . Do not upend wet vac into the trash can in garage. (Note to self, take cars to carwash tomorrow).

A wet vac has allot of suction! Possibly enough to pull carpet off a tack strip. Use caution.

Avoid using a wet vac if you can. Ask a child who is no longer afraid of vacuum noise to operate it for you. The threshold age seems to be somewhere over 21, give or take a year or two.

Never ever turn off a wet vac before letting it siphon off the contents in the wand and hose. You will have to re-vacuum an area, if this happens to you.

Using a wet vac on sopping wet carpet can be very tedious. You can not talk on the phone or watch TV, how ever, an adult beverage can be consumed, using care not to spill…or if it spills, you are ready.

The gutters were cleaned during the rain, and latest home flood is under control, and if there’s a silver lining, at least there aren’t any snakes in the house.