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NHS Blog Doctor: BMA News magazine article

NHS Blog Doctor: BMA News magazine article:

Dr. Crippen, across the pond, has the full text of a BMA News article about medical bloggers, and medblogging. The Usual Suspects, including yrs. trly. are mentioned.

Echoing Kevin, MD, thanks Dr. Crippen!

Fingers and Tubes…

Another medical blog I didn’t know existed: Fingers And Tubes In Every Orifice

The description:

“Fingers and tubes in every orifice”…It is a tenet of critical care medicine that I learned years ago during my training in Emergency Medicine. It is also a reminder to be tenacious, thorough and leave no stone unturned. You’d be amazed at what can be discovered by a prying finger or an invasive tube.

He looks to be a natural-born ranter, and writer.

Kinky Friedman in Fort Worth


FORT WORTH — Kinky Friedman has a perfect explanation for what he calls "Guinness-Gate," and he gave newspaper publishers convened in Fort Worth a scoop.

The grand marshal in Dallas’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Friedman was caught on videotape taking a drink of a can of Guinness in the lead car, which was traveling through downtown, Friedman said, at 1 mph. Friedman was not driving, but he was in violation of the state’s open container law.

At Tuesday’s annual meeting of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association, Friedman, who hopes to collect enough signatures to get his name on the ballot as an independent candidate for Texas governor in the November election, did acknowledge he had a beer with him in the car.

"Here’s my explanation," Friedman said. "I was drinking it … but I did not swallow."

I may, just may, have to rethink who to support in the Texas gubernatorial race.  He’s funny, he’s a Guinness drinker (but, from a can?), and he has the right attitude about stupid laws.