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3L Epiphany: A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs

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I know, I know…

Yes, I know I haven’t done anything original here for several days.  I have several things circulating in my spleen, but… 

I’ve always engaged in a certain amount of self-censorship.  I don’t type like I speak, because the sailor-words really don’t belong here.  There are lots of interpersonal issues that I let go instead of rant about because, well, they’re just picayune.

Then GeekNurse gets "Management-concern-itis" and goes off the blogs, and all of a sudden my self-censorship level has increased substantially.  True, I’m not a direct employee of anyone, and that  makes it easier, not harder, to do without my services.  I thought GeekNurse did a terrific job of keeping secrets that matter while letting regular people see what a good job his hospital did, and when I apply that same set of standards here I wind up with a similar mindset.  That same one that just closed down.

No, I haven’t been talked-to about my blog or its contents, and this is probably paranoia that will pass.

But for now my spleen hurts.