Geek Nurse shuttered!

GeekNurse, an excellent blog by a NICU nurse in New Zealand, has been closed, and it wasn’t his idea:

Beware those who don’t even try to distance your public persona from your job and blogging.

GeekNurse, you’ll be missed. 


  1. I think there is a huge difference between blogging while being employed by an institution and those on their own.

    The latter includes physicians in private practice, who could actually use blogs to build up their public persona. The former could choose to go anonymous OR get a blessing from their employer.

    Ultimately I think the institutions firing bloggers will be penalized by bad PR (Blogger Firings Down, Hirings Up). But in the meantime caution is advised.

    Consider blogging as future of peer-to-peer interaction: Doctors’ Lounge 2.0

  2. Of all the medical blogs I scan, I have to say, Geek Nurse’s stories were among the most compassionate, touching and informative. He is missed, and hopefully will be available again, in a more anonymous fashion, if that’s what it takes. The rest of you medical bloggers – keep the light alive…

  3. I keep wondering when it will be my turn to get busted (hopefully never)- but I don’t think I have as much at stake as someone in the healthcare industry.

  4. an ER nurse says:

    Quick correction: Geek Nurse is a PICU nurse (not NICU). And yeah, he was great.

  5. I went through awhile back and deleted almost all of my posts about my employer. Just not worth the risk in the overall scheme of things.


  1. Doctors’ Lounge 2.0

    I have been reflecting on the recent discussion of physicians’ reasons to blog or not blog: Medical Blogging: Debating a Devil’s Advocate and thought of a recent article in Medical Economics.
    Entitled "Doctors’ lounge: A tradition slowly dies&qu

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    Geek Nurse Closed

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  3. Geek Nurse shuttered!

    [From GruntDoc]

    Geek Nurse, an excellent blog by a NICU nurse in New Zealand, has been closed, and…

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    I know, I know…

    Yes, I know I haven’t done anything original here for several days.  I have several things circulating in my spleen, but… I’ve always engaged in a certain amount of self-censorship.  I don’t type like I speak, because the sailor-words …