Snake, #4

Yesterday, another snake in the house. Little snake, and its release to the outside world was a relief to the snake and a profound sense of loss for the cat, as it hadn’t had a toy that was nearly as much fun before.

This makes it Four for our family (that we know about). For the be-all and end-all snake-in-the-house story, here’s a prior tale of mine.


  1. Whoa! That 2004 tale is something to behold! Have you thought of sending that off for publication? :-)

  2. Grunt Doc, I remembered your story from 2004..I have repeated it many times to friends and family members. Expecially my brother and SIL that live in Fla. and have killed 3 rattlers already.

    Your wife must be really brave or totally in “lovvvveeee” with you. Don’t they kind of freak her out? I have never been that in love that I could live with snakes! yuck!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That little snake had to come from a big one. What is that one at, I wonder?

  4. I guess Reader’s Digest might be interested…nah.

    My wife not only loves me, she took care of snake #4 while I was at work! I found out about it after the fact.

    And, thanks for that! We don’t really know how this one got in, so we’re going to be vigilant for a while.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I live in Forth Worth also and I never have had a snake in my house so far in the 24 years I have lived here. You must have a pretty drafty home :-)

  6. I live a bit into the boonies.

  7. “(the screen has a big gap at the bottom, and is how it probably got in)”

    Time to fix the screen door, me bucko.

  8. I don’t get snakes but I get cute little lizards. Usually I find them because a cat has cornered it. I don’t mind lizards. And I don’t mind snakes, unless they are rattlers and then I’d be on the phone to Animal Control.

    We have a ton of garden spiders every year. Last year they were named variations of “Niblet”as in “Itty bitty Niblet” “Giant Niblet” and “Mama Niblet”. My daughter used to tease them by putting a tiny piece of leaf in the web and they would think it was food and come over and throw it out. I made her stop.

    There will be no spider teasing at my house!

  9. TheNewGuy says:

    My patients bring me snakes… usually with a “this is what bit me” chief complaint. It’s actually quite helpful.

    Sometimes, however, the snakes they bring are very much alive. A few years back we had a big ole’ boy bring in a five gallon bucket… FILLED to the top with a very large, very angry, and very live eastern diamondback. He opened the lid, and the snake got out… one of our techs (an icewater-in-the-veins veteran marine) swept it outside with a broom.

    Thankfully, the snakes they bring in are usually dead… we haven’t had a live one in quite a while.

  10. Doc, you might wanna consider movin back nearer to God’s country! Er by Yosemite …ok, so Fresno isn’t God’s country, but Yosemite is! yea, I know they have snakes there too …but they tend to stay out of the houses!

    (still homesick in Oklahoma)


  1. GruntDoc says:

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