What if Microsoft packaged the iPod?

I still don’t have an iPod (my life doesn’t really need a soundtrack) but I appreciate Apples’ minimalist styling and advertising.

Someone with a lot of time on their hands and a really observant style made a video of how the iPod would be marketed by Microsoft.

Don’t forget to turn up the sound, the accompaniment is great.

Update: now here (Thanks, Geena!)


  1. I love my iPod. I bring it with me each shift and hook it up to the PC speakers at my workstation. It really gets me through the day/night. I try and start each shift with “Superman’s Song” by the Crash Test Dummies. Its “shuffle” mode makes for an interesting selection of tunes… The iTunes interface, however, is rather limiting. I recommend importing your CD collection using Musicmatch Jukebox — it converts the songs to MP3 files (universal format) instead of the proprietary format used by Apple (which can only be used with Apple compatible software/hardware). All songs imported using Musicmatch Jukebox are compatible with the iPod. I bought Musicmatch Jukebox back in 2000. The cost of the software including free lifetime upgrades was less than $30. It is one of the best software purchases I ever made. FYI, I have no financial interest in either Musicmatch or Apple — the Army does not pay me enough to have a financial interest in anything!!!

    Best regards from Landstuhl, Germany………..PJM

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s dead, Jim!

  3. Gone from there, but you can check it out at Google video.