Archives for April 17, 2006

ABMS Issues Alert About “” Invoices

From the inbox:

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has issued an alert about an unauthorized marketing campaign being used by a Web site called "" Diplomates of ABMS member boards are being targeted and have received fax messages ("Renewal Notices") from the site, bearing the ABMS and American Medical Association (AMA) acronyms. The message states that if the form is not completed and returned with a fee to the site by a certain date, the recipient’s "membership" will expire and their "online listing" will be deactivated.

ABMS warns diplomates that "" is not a licensee of the ABMS, or AMA, and is not authorized to use the ABMS or AMA names or acronyms. ABMS also states that a failure to return the form or pay the fee will not have any effect on the diplomate’s certification or listing in the ABMS database. Questions or information about this unauthorized effort should be directed to the ABMS at 847-491-9091, ext. 3005.

 Forewarned is forearmed.

My Rational Mind

I recently have had a conversation with one of our Charge Nurse/Quip Machines, and it went something like this:

 me: "I mean, why would a patient do that?"

nurse: "I try to leave my rational mind at home; it’s the only way I’ve survived."